Every cup of coffee is better when you know you are supporting someone else. Since you probably drink coffee every day, purchase your coffee here to support a charity with every purchase.
Ralphie's Roast Premium Coffee - My Cafe Coffee

01  Ralphie’s Roast

The official coffee for the University of Colorado. Ralphie, the CU mascot is 100% supported by private donations. Purchase Ralphie’s Roast to keep her in quality feed and a great ranch.


APC Hazelnut Blend

02  A Precious Child

Many of our youth need a little extra support to get through school with the skills and training to be successful.
A Precious Child has helped 380,000 youth and adults over the past 13 years.


Magnus Premium Coffee Yellow

03  Magnus Coffee

Since 2017 Magnus Premium Coffee has been the flagship brand support a variety of charitable organizations.

You can purchase Magnus coffee here to support different charities or sign up for your own coffee fundraising campaign.


Cherry Creek Football Coffee

04  Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek High School is famous for building champions with 3 consecutive state football championships.  The Bruins are travelling to compete in Ohio this fall and need your support.


Premium Coffee That Helps Veterans

Ground Beans

Perfectly freshly roasted ground beans in a variety of beans from all over the world.

Whole Beans

For that extra level of freshness, try our whole beans in your coffee grinder.


Our KCups deliver stronger aroma than plastic kCups. Plus each KCup has about 33% more coffee.


There’s only one way to know how great our coffee truly is – try it!

With our money back guarantee, if you don’t enjoy our blends, simply return what you have left for a 100% refund.


Drinking Black coffee



Roaring Planet Corp creates craft coffee blends to support fundraising for great charities. We have over 100 blends roasted from a wide variety of beans from across the planet to satisfy your taste buds.

Our flagship brand – Magnus Premium Coffee – is perfect for a quick start fundraising campaign. We also provide craft blends with your custom label to amplify your brands loyalty.

Each of our fundraising campaigns has their own ONLINE CAFE expanding your geographical reach and offering contactless fundraising campaigns.

My Cafe Coffee is a distributor of the highest quality brands and products, including Magnus Premium Coffee. We strive to accomplish three goals:

Better Coffee

Magnus Premium Coffee sources, roasts and grinds only the world’s best beans and directly ship to you in packaging that honors the planet while sharing our profits with charitable organizations. We’ support craft, small batch roasters to provide coffee you will enjoy cup after cup. It is a one-of-a-kind cup of coffee you can delight in every single day.

Help Someone Else Every Day

Coffee is consumed everyday. When you purchase your coffee from us, you know you are helping someone else who needs a little extra.

Our subscription services make it easy to not only get your coffee every month, but also to continue supporting others.


Our goals is to reduce the pollution on mother earth.

Instead of plastic KCups, we use a very Eco-friendly KCup. We also use a bag for our coffee that is earth-friendly in a recyclable kraft bag.



Here is a sampling of the products in our cafe. We have single bags of ground, whole bean, and KCups. We also offer 4 packs at discounted prices.

All your purchases qualify for donations to great charities supporting children and adults who need your help.

Keeping You Informed


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