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1. GREAT COFFEE: Everyone tells us our coffee is some of the best they have ever tasted!

2- ECO-FRIENDLY: All outer packaging and pods are recyclable and/or biodegradable.

3. GENEROUS DONATION: 25% of all your coffee purchases are donated to A Precious Child.

4 Great Blends Just Waiting for You

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25% of your coffee purchase makes a big difference to our kids!

Fresh KCup Coffee

Single serve KCUPS are designed for convenience. But there is no aroma and weak flavor in plastic cups.

Our special KCups are designed to create an enjoyable cup of coffee. We average 33% more coffee grinds and use special packaging that works more like a french press. Plus the cup is recyclable and compostable.

Unique KCUPS - My Cafe Coffee


On all orders over $50.00

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You already buy coffee. Why not buy your coffee here and know 25% of your coffee purchases go back to A Precious Child as a charitable contribution!

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